Free photographer..........Free pictures..........Free modeling..........Free time….......TFP or Time for Print!!!

An interesting opportunity both for the model and the photographer to get to know each other and see if they can work together. Usually,  the result is good quality pictures for the model to use in his/her portfolio or for archive and some pictures for photographer’s use. All that it takes is a signed model release form.

Who can be a model of Viktor Levi?


In a word: almost everybody. You just have to be an outgoing person who is not camera shy. Charming smile is a plus rather than a perfect body shape. Models, actors and actresses, sportsmen and bodybuilders, fresh pictures always come handy, come on up! If your job or hobby is an interesting one, for example if you like to dance, to paint, to climb, jumping with bungee, do some other sport activity or you are a musician, sport car driver, biker, banker, businessman….if you are pregnant or have a lovely baby: that is great!!! We can have your picture and history saved.
If you are working with a great team or you have good friends willing to participate in a group picture: We can do that as well! If you run a business or you are opening a new office building or a hospital and you do not want to spend extra money for a photographer…well, We can work that out, too!
What is the proper age for models? In fact, it doesn’t matter. You can be 18 or 80, you can be even younger or older. As far as you enjoy the time spent in front of my camera, we can create incredible pictures together. (If you are younger than 18, a presence of a parent or a legal guardian is a must and a minor release form should be signed)
You may ask why the pictures are Free of charge.
The answer is simple. I work with nine microstock agencies and I will use those pictures in my portfolio. What is a microstock agency? This is an image bank, where many photographers from all around the world submit their art. On the other side, there are the designers or other clients, who pay a micro fee (starting at $0,20) to use the picture they like in printed materials, internet sites or even on billboard advertisements.
So, if you decide to join this fun process, just send me a mail with your name, phone number and a few pictures, on which I can see you clear enough. In this way, you may become the right model for my next project. Enjoy!!!