These are some microstock sites, or agencies for stock photography, video and sounds with huge database. You can use them and they can use you. In other words if you have a project you can download quality stuff for less then $1, or if you are a creative person you can cash out your work without bothering to work with customers (I do try to avoid that). Find the ones you like and work with them. Here is a list of some of the better sellers. Good LUCK!!!

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Microstock photography, also known as micropayment photography, is an offshoot of traditional stock photography. What defines a company as a microstock photography company is that they

-1. source their images almost exclusively via the Internet,

-2. do so from a wider range of photographers than the traditional stock agencies (including a willingness to accept images from "amateurs" and hobbyists)

-3. sell their images at a very low rate (anywhere from $0.20 - $20) for a royalty-free image.( Royalty Free refers to a type of contract between two entities (the licensor and licensee), that is employed when licensing the rights to use content, such as photographs. The term Royalty Free means that once the content is licensed under a set of guidelines, the licensee is normally free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges.)

A number of microstock sites also sell vector art, and some sell Flash animations, audio and video as well as images.

The pioneer of microstock photography was Bruce Livingstone, who created iStockphoto, originally a free stock photo site that quickly became an industry phenomenon. Livingstone sold iStockphoto to Getty Images in February 2006 for $50 million US dollars. Many other sites sprung up in the years after iStockphoto's inception; some of the larger ones are Dreamstime, Fotolia, Bigstockphoto and Shutterstock. Some of the up and coming sites include Cutcaster, Canstock, and Graphic Leftovers. The number of microstock sites continues to grow.